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Public and non-profit organizations rely heavily on federal, state, local and even private funding to build and sustain their programs and organizations. The process of searching for grant opportunities, applying for grants and managing grant funding is tedious, time consuming, complex and if awarded, comes with many restrictions and requirements that need to be adhered to. As a result, many organizations come short of meeting reporting and compliance expectations and become at risk of losing much needed funding. My Grant Solutions is here to take away this burden and provide efficient, effective and expert grant and contract management services and solutions to public and non-profit organizations so they can focus more on their clients and less on paperwork. By sharing resources, our clients will lower expenses and have more money to spend on fulfilling their organization’s mission and less on administrative overhead.

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Let My Grant Solutions ease the burden while you focus on your mission!


Organizations spend too much time focusing on grant and contract management, thus taking them away from focusing on their missions. This work is burdensome, time consuming and very complex to understand, navigate and properly manage.

This is where we come in

At MGS we offer the following services:

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Full Grant services (pre-award)

Research Funding Opportunities

Grant Writing

Proposal Development

Budget Development

Grant Submission

Full Contract Services (post-award)

Contract Negotiations

Program Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

Fiscal Reporting

Invoicing & Billing

Expenditure Tracking

Performance Management

Audit Support

Policy and Procedure Development

Additional Services

Opportunity Research Only

Proposal Review/Consultation

Technical Assistance

and more!

Why Your Organization Needs a Professional Grant and Contract Manager

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Poorly negotiated and managed contracts lead to unfavorable payments, pricing, and indemnification terms


Improper enforcement of contracts result into badly prioritized processes and workflows


Not following contract obligations and compliance regulations can lead to fines, loss of funding, lawsuits and damaged reputation

Peace of Mind

Passing the burden of applying for and managing grants and contracts relieves stress, gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus more on your mission.